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اكتشفوا لماذا يُعتبر المرطّب الأنسب لبشرتكم!

تعرّفوا أكثر على كريم Confidence in a Cream

نساء حقيقيّات يتحدّثن عن Confidence in a Cream من IT Cosmetics، الكريم المرطّب الفاخر المضاد لعلامات تقدّم البشرة في السنّ الأول في أمريكا، المعزّز بحمض الهيالورونيك.

"This cream has changed my skin! My lines have softened and my face looks smooth and bright."


Skin Type: Dry | Skin Concern: Fine lines and wrinkles

"It brightened my skin, and I don’t have dry patches or oily ones either! Would recommend this for any skin type."


Skin Type: Combination | Skin Concern: Uneven skin tone

"So rich and luxurious. It blew me away."


Skin Type: Dry | Skin Concern:Dehydration

"The fine lines I was noticing seem to have disappeared since using this product."


Skin Type: Normal | Skin Concern:Uneven skin tone

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